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Gurukul Vishwabharti (Gurukul High School)

Bhaiyapur, Ladhot Road, Rohtak, Haryana - 124401

Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi (Affiliation no - 531114, School code -41088)

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Gurkul Vishwabharti Logo

Gurukul Vishwabharti

Gurkul Vishwabharti Logo

Gurukul Vishwabharti (Gurukul High School)




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Fee Structure

Instruction About Fee Structure

  1. Annual Food charges will have to be paid for all twelve months even during the vacation for the maintenance and continuation of cooks and other things.
  2. Facility of the store is provided to students in Gurukul campus (Hostel) where all things of everyday need are available at reasonable prices. Canteen is available for fruit and other edible things. For this purpose you can deposit some money in their personal pocket money account.
  3. Regarding books and stores, the amount of purchasing things will have to be paid along with other charges, which will be adjusted. Fees can be deposited with the office of the school between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  4. Don’t pay meal charges in cash to any Gurukul employee. If a parent does so, he will himself be responsible for this.
  5. In this environment the student will feel like home in spite of the fact that if the student goes without permission from Gurukul, the institution shall only inform you. Except it the institution will not be responsible for anything. Those students, who play truant or run away from the Gurukul, will be admitted into the class only at Parent’s / Guardian's responsibility.
  6. In Gurukul, the students from other states also get admission. So, keeping in view the convenience of those students as well as the others it is necessary to deposit the fee for full year and other estimated expenditure for full year in four installments (every three months). In other words the fee for April, May and June will have to be deposited at the time of admission. In the same way, the next three installments will have to be deposited in July, October and January quarterly.
  7. Keeping of money, expensive things, mobile, electronic instruments, any other object which are prohibited by the Principal or chief warden is strictly banned and fine will be of Rs. 1000. If a student is found guilty for the second time his name will be struck off the rolls of the school.
  8. Tuition fees of three months and the admission fees shall not be refunded to the students who leave the Gurukul immediately after his admission or during this session.
  9. All types of Annual charges and expenditures must be deposited up to the 10th of April, July, October and January. If you are late , You will have to pay 10 Rs. per day. If quarterly school fee is not deposited till 25th, students will not be allowed to join classes. He must stay in the hostel. Students will be sent home after 30th to get their fees.
  10. If a student remains absent without the permission of the Principal, he will be charged a fine of 100 Rs.per day. If he remains absent again for ten days, his name will be struck off the school rolls.
  11. Concession in late fee will be given only in some special circumstances if the principal finds it convenient.

Important Instruction Regarding Concession

A concession of Rs. 1200/- will be given to those who deposit the whole fee of the session in the first installment only and Rs. 500/- to those who deposit the whole fee in two installments (Semi annual).

1st termAt the time of admission, All annual & quarterly charges from April to June
2nd termFrom July 1st - 10th, Quarterly charges from July to September
3rd termFrom October 1st - 10th Quarterly charges from October to December
4th termFrom Jan. 1st - 10th Quarterly charges from January to March
If in any special case any parent/guardian is unable to deposit the fee on above mentioned dates he should intimate it to the Principal through an application ten days before the 1st day of every concerned month. If the Principal finds it convenient the parents/guardian may be permitted to deposit the fee upto 25th of the concerned month. The Aforementioned rule will be applicable for a fee after that.
Fee structure
Gurukul Vishwabharti

Gurukul Vishwabharti

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